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How to Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts?

While most of us are used to moving mouse and clicking around the screen, sometime things can be done faster if you use the preset shortcut keys. Similarly, for those who spent a lot of time in your G mail, the following shortcut keys will definitely be of great use to you.
To become a G mail power user, you’ll need to master G mail’s keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to speed through your mail faster than you can click. G mail even lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts.
To enable keyboard shortcuts, pull up G mail’s settings page from the gear menu. Select the “Keyboard shortcuts on” option on the General pane, and then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. Press Shift-? to view the built-in cheat sheet after enabling keyboard shortcuts.
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Key Action Shift+j Move down in the list, selecting the next message as well. Shift+K Move up in the list, selecting the next message abo…

The Comprehensive Guide to YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

We have collected some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for YouTube , which will help you to take full control of YouTube with your keyboard . I know you might already discovered many keyboard shortcuts for YouTube , but with this article i am sure you will discover some more new YouTube keyboard shortcuts .

Key Action Ctrl+Left arrow Go back 10 seconds Ctrl+Right Arrow Go forward 10 seconds 0 Restart video f Go to Full Screen mode Escape Exit Full Screen mode   Home  Go to beginning of video Up arrow  Increase volume 5% Down arrow Decrease volume 5% J key Back

How to use Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook is one of the most browsed website and Million active users, you can expect how popular this social Networking site is. There are many Facebook shortcut Keys which will help you to browse Fb quickly. many people are aware that you can use keyboard shortcuts and make your activity on these networks much easier! Before your next Facebook session, have a look at these super useful shortcuts:
* Facebook Shortcut Keys:
Use the combination of keys for your browser, and replace # with the access key number listed below.
Key Action Alt + #, then Enter  Internet Explorer for PC Shift + Alt + #  Firefox for PC Ctrl + Opt + #  Safari for Mac Ctrl + Opt + #  Firefox for Mac Ctrl + Opt + #  Chrome for Mac Alt + #  Chrome for PC