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PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts And Commands

Here's the most comprehensive list of PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts that we know about -- how many of these do you presently use? If you discover a shortcut key not listed here The Office One Shortcut Manager add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create your own custom shortcuts. This is an especially nice feature to use in conjunction with macros as it makes creating presentations even quicker and easier than before.  8f609278d38fc0e31ebc67a056f1a3fdb00f746cea91e57a5b
Command Shortcut Show or hide grid Shift+F9 Show or hide guides Alt+F9 Show AutoShape menu and insert shape Alt+U -> Ctrl+ENTER Insert perfect squares Press shift first, start drawing figure Move selection in specific direction Ctrl+ARROW Zoom Ctrl+mouse wheel Draw multiple similar figures Double-click corresponding toolbar icon Repeatlast action F4 Activate menu bar F10 Context menu