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Friday, 29 January 2016

Tips For How To Work F1To F12 Keys

F1 To F12 keys on the computer keyboard at the top (Keys) Keys to the function call. These are the Keys which are not type the letter. In fact through these key-board computer or its operating system has been specifically designed to give the direction. Here we are told that the Keys of how you can use.


  • Key to this will press on to the computer, then the computer will open the setup. Change the computer's settings and can be seen.
  • If you are working in the Internet Explorer browser and the browser's Help page will open when you press the Key. Crom also it will open a help page.

  • Windows in a file, click on the folder after you press F2 to rename it can be immediately.
  • Print View page in Microsoft Word by pressing ctrl + F2 will open, which shows that the document will look when printed.


  •  Window to the F3 search box opens. Its use is to search files and folders. 
  •  Microsoft Word to press Shift + F3 on the English Text can be changed in the lower and upper case.
  •  Microsoft DOS or Command Prompt window, press F3 on the first typed command is typed again.


  •  Windows Explorer (My computer, computer) to press it on the address bar opens. The address bar in Internet Explorer is opened.
  •  Microsoft Word to press F4 to repeat the same thing you just did that. Then again, if a word is typed will be typed. Tables and tables will be created and if no one is bold text will then be bold.
  •  Alt + F4 will close the software open to the press.


  •  Refresh the key as it is Page. After copying a folder in Windows, if not see, then press it. Will appear. Internet browser refresh and reload the web page is to use it.
  •  PowerPoint slide show is launched to press the F5.
  •  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, press Shift + F5 to open the Find and Replace feature becomes.
  •  Pressing it in Photoshop are exposed to various kinds of brushes. You can choose which brush of your choice.


  • In Windows, open folders on the content of the press look.
  •  If several documents are open in Microsoft Word, then to see them one by one can use the Control + Shift + F6.

  •  After typing in Microsoft Word will press the F7 will begin his spell Czech.
  •  Internet Explorer Web page at the press of a text can be selected.


  • Microsoft Word macro is ready to press Alt + F8. This time-to-time tasks can be recorded direction.
  • F8 to select text in Microsoft Word is the use.


  •  Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails to let it use.
  •  Quark Express to press it opens the measurement toolbar.
  •  Some laptops it can control the brightness of the screen and press.


  •  Working in a software menu bar opens to the press.
  •  Shift + F10 works with a mouse click.
  •  Control + F10 use of the window in Microsoft Word is used to minimize and maximum.


  • Internet Explorer, Chrome browser as you can use it to full screen.


  • Word to press it opens the Save As box.
  • Shift + F12 in Microsoft Word document is saved.
  • Control + Shift + F12 to open a Microsoft Word document is saved.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Top Tricks And Tips For Google Search Bar

Today any information with the help of Google's search box that can be achieved in seconds. But many tips and tricks for searching, the search for their assistance in this task can be made easier. Know just about Hidden search tips ...

Solve Calculations

The calculator can be made to meet the Google search box. In the search box, you also have to calculate it, write it down and enter. Search box, search results, such as the 2 + 2 will write the entire calculator with its answer will come to you. Calculated from the calculator can then forward

Google Set timer

Google search box "Timer" type make and press Enter. You'll find the timer and stopwatch. Also you can set the timer directly from the search box. As you Awry two minutes and twenty five seconds to set the timer and then write something like this in the search bar - Set Timer 2 minute 25 seconds. Google will then start the timer.

Get Nutritional Information

Google is smart enough to show nutritional info for food related searches such as mango, chocolate candy, etc. The given info includes calories, vitamins, fats, etc. For example: search queries “banana” or “chocolate cake” produces its nutritional information.

Make Food Comparisons

Google can even compare foods for you. If you’re not sure which food will get you better nutrients or which will not increase your body fat, then you can ask Google and it will answer much like any dietitian. For example: “mango vs. banana” tells Google to compare and present the nutritional info of the given two fruits – Mango and Banana.

Population of the whole graph

Population of the country charts, including information on any Google search box then you just type the name of population and the country can find it. Exp. write population India is not only the population of India will tell Google you, but how population grew in every ten years from 1960, will give the information using charts. He also dealt with some countries will comparison  chart.

Time and sunrise-sunset

Google from any country of the sunrise and sunset times can also easily find out. In the search box the name of the country with Sunrise to Sunrise and sunset Sunset and country type to enter it. Google will tell you both the time.

Also, if you happen to know what time it is happening in a country still in the Google search box, type the name of the country do after Time. Please enter again. Google will tell you how much that still watches of the country are playing.

Change number in text

Google can also convert numbers to words. It’s really useful when you have various large numbers that you require in words form. For example: “1064305 in English” or “1064305 = English” prints ‘one million sixty-four thousand three hundred five’ on the screen.

Get Directions and Ask for Navigation

Well, a different feature of Google Maps, Google's search box, but you can easily search the map of the place. If you want to know the distance like Delhi and Mumbai in the Google search box, type Delhi to Mumbai and Google Maps will show between the two cities. Additionally, from city to city, much of which vehicle to reach potential will take time, it will tell.

The festival will come on what day

Google's search box that can be used to find out what day will be a festival this year. When you like to know that this year's Diwali then type in the Google search box, Google will tell Diwali 2016. When will this Diwali. Also in the last four years, what day was celebrated Diwali, the information also will give Google. While this information will only own about some big festivals.

Search by Voice

Google allows you to make voice searches. If you’re browsing Google on its Chrome browser or using Google application on Android or iOS, then you can click on the Microphone button and directly speak to Google what you’re looking for, and it shows the results after receiving the input from you.

Search by Image

Google can’t only search for words but also for images. You can now use a photo of your friend to search more of his/her photos. The simple trick is to click the Camera button in the search bar of Google Images, and paste an image URL or upload a picture from your system to make an image search. You can also find some more alternative reverse image search engines here.

Know your IP Address

ip address typed in the search bar shows your current IP address as acquired by Google. For example: “ip address” lists as my computer’s IP address.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Top Internet Shortcuts for Common Users for All Browsers

Every Internet browser has its own separate shortcuts.  Several times using different browsers confuse Users are common in the Shortcuts. Internet browsers are also some shortcuts that work on almost all browsers. Whether you are working on Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, these shortcuts can be used. We are going to tell you about- such shortcuts

Ctrl+1 (1 through 8 until all the numbers work)

This shortcut lets you shuffle between tabs in the browser can open. Whatever the number, that number will be pressed with ctrl tab will open.
Ctrl+9:- The last tab to open in any browser.
Ctrl+Tab: - The tab next to him you also, Ctrl + Page Up can also be used, but these shortcuts will not work on Internet Explorer.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab: - You're on the tab to go to the previous tab.
Ctrl+W (or) Ctrl+F4:- To close all tabs.
Ctrl+Shift+T: - Accidentally closed to reopen the last tab
Ctrl+T: - To open a new tab.
Ctrl+N: - To open a new browser window.
Alt+F4:- To close the browser.

Mouse Actions for Tabs

Middle Click a Tab (Middle of the mouse to click any tab at the top) - To close the tab.
Ctrl+Left Click, Middle Click: - In the background of any link to open in another tab.
Shift+Left Click: - Any links to open in another browser window.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Click: – Any links to open in the first tab


Alt+space (Space button): - to open the main menu.
Alt+Right Arrow, Shift+Backspace: – Forward to online video.
F5:– Page to reload.
Esc: - To stop/Closed.
Space-bar: - Scroll down
Shift+ Space-bar: – Scroll up
Ctrl + C: – Copy selected text
Ctrl + X: – Cut (copy and   delete original) text
Ctrl + V: – Paste copied text                     
Alt+Home: – The browser's home page to load.


Ctrl & +:- Zoom (the contents of the page to zoom)
Ctrl & - :- Zoom out
Ctrl+0: – Page to the default zoom setting.
F11:– Full-screen mode to move.


Spacebar or page-down button (Space, Page Down): - Webpage to scroll down (to move down the page)
Shift+Space, Page up: – Web page scroll up (to go uphill on the page)
(Home):- To the top of the webpage.
 (End):- On the webpage to the bottom.
Middle click (on a web page with the middle mouse click): - Movement of the mouse to set the scrolling of the Web page.
Space bar or the page down button (Space, Page Down):- webpage to scroll down (to move down the page)
Shift+Space, Page Up: – Scroll up to webpage (go to Top of page)
Ctrl+L, Alt+D, F6: – In order to focus on the address bar can be typed on it.
Ctrl+Enter: – After you type any word on the address bar if the browser Ctrl + Enter is pressed me in front of that word www. And in the end will look .com.


Ctrl+K, Ctrl+EFocus the browser’s built-in search box or focus the address bar if the browser doesn’t have a dedicated search box. (Ctrl+K don’t work in IE, Ctrl+E does.)
Alt+Enter: – Type in the address bar the link to open in another tab.
Ctrl+F, F3:– To open the search box on the webpage.
Ctrl+G, F3:– The text item on the Web page to find the next match.
Ctrl+Shift+G, Shift+F3:– Previous match the text on the Web page to find items.

History & Bookmarks

Ctrl+H: – Browsing History to open.
Ctrl+J: – Download History Open.
Ctrl+D: – The website has been opened to her bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+Del: –
Delete browsing history to open the window.

Other Functions

Ctrl+P: – Open to take a printout of the webpage.
Ctrl+S: – Open the computer to save the webpage.
Ctrl+O: – Any files saved to your computer open.
Ctrl+U: – To open the source code of any webpage (this shortcut does not work on Internet Explorer.
F12:Open Developer Tools. (Requires Firebug extension for Firefox.)