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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Top 10 Free Photo Editing Sites & Tools for Free

Photo editing tools and software available on the Internet. Not just the software for editing, but there are several free websites whose help photos can be easily edited. Artwork with photos of the sites for hobbyists could prove quite effective. Those who do not editing video and text tutorials for them are also present on these websites.

Online photo editing can become a means of learning for those who want to show their creativity. I am going to tell you about the Free Online Photo Editing Websites. These Photoshop Express, Befunky, Pic Monkey includes such popular sites.

Photoshop Express :

If you are fond of pictures created on Photoshop and Photoshop Express yourself if you want to use it can help you. You'll find it on The editor can be made even better with the help of photos. The editor will receive several tools used in the photo may be shown their creativity. Crop, color change and many things can be done through the Photo Editor.


A popular online photo editing application is funky B website. would go on to use it. The app for photo editing you'll find more than 20 effects. Consequently, a number of photo frames in which any picture can be fitted according to size. If you do not know much about photo editing, this app can help you. Funky B in addition to photo editing will also find many articles which will be helpful to teach new users editing the photo.

Pic Monkey:

Join an online photo-editing site you without any hassles is an opportunity to show their creativity. With its help, crop photo, rotate, Touch-up effects or frames may be given. Consequently, the user of adding together multiple photos to design even allows. Facebook Timeline Cover yourself to design it could be an attractive site.

Pixlr O Matic:

If you want to use the photo editor for it, you will go on Photo Editing on this site is divided into three steps. The first red area, filter effects in the blue area and the last frame of the yellow area is to select your photo editing. Between the stage you can go forward or backward at any time. With this web camera directly via this site allows you to upload photos.

Foto Flexer:

One of the most popular online photo editing website considered. On this website you will find many features and tools. Simultaneously, through this website after editing photos directly to social networking sites (Facebook etc.) may be put on. This website could be better for those who have the habit of browsing the Internet and social media accounts are fond of putting on the photo.

PhotoVisi: template by making a simple online service that combines your multiple photos together. The online service can be made through a photo collage. Photo collage created by it somewhat look like Picasa photo editing tool.


Paijap ( is a website which allows you to edit photos are funny and some also across. Through this website, stickers, backgrounds and with a range of effects that can be used in the photo. The photos were edited on the website in a few minutes can share with your friends.


Known for its peculiar Photo Frames website ( Photo editing can be several ways. Some funny photos with those who want their handiwork on this website will get more than 150 background effects and stickers. Cut, copy and paste the application itself rather than a face in your photo selecting a scene (background) will put up with.

Fun Photo Box: like his name is an interesting website online which allows you to edit photos like this is something that will not stay without them seeing you laugh. Fotofniakcom like it is a popular website.

Blingee: animated photos and graphics is an attractive website. Animated photos can be made through this website. Any photos on this site you will also find many Selects cartoon can add your photos. To pervert the photo of the website can be used.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Top Internet Shortcuts for Common Users for All Browsers

Every Internet browser has its own separate shortcuts.  Several times using different browsers confuse Users are common in the Shortcuts. Internet browsers are also some shortcuts that work on almost all browsers. Whether you are working on Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, these shortcuts can be used. We are going to tell you about- such shortcuts

Ctrl+1 (1 through 8 until all the numbers work)

This shortcut lets you shuffle between tabs in the browser can open. Whatever the number, that number will be pressed with ctrl tab will open.
Ctrl+9:- The last tab to open in any browser.
Ctrl+Tab: - The tab next to him you also, Ctrl + Page Up can also be used, but these shortcuts will not work on Internet Explorer.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab: - You're on the tab to go to the previous tab.
Ctrl+W (or) Ctrl+F4:- To close all tabs.
Ctrl+Shift+T: - Accidentally closed to reopen the last tab
Ctrl+T: - To open a new tab.
Ctrl+N: - To open a new browser window.
Alt+F4:- To close the browser.

Mouse Actions for Tabs

Middle Click a Tab (Middle of the mouse to click any tab at the top) - To close the tab.
Ctrl+Left Click, Middle Click: - In the background of any link to open in another tab.
Shift+Left Click: - Any links to open in another browser window.
Ctrl+Shift+Left Click: – Any links to open in the first tab


Alt+space (Space button): - to open the main menu.
Alt+Right Arrow, Shift+Backspace: – Forward to online video.
F5:– Page to reload.
Esc: - To stop/Closed.
Space-bar: - Scroll down
Shift+ Space-bar: – Scroll up
Ctrl + C: – Copy selected text
Ctrl + X: – Cut (copy and   delete original) text
Ctrl + V: – Paste copied text                     
Alt+Home: – The browser's home page to load.


Ctrl & +:- Zoom (the contents of the page to zoom)
Ctrl & - :- Zoom out
Ctrl+0: – Page to the default zoom setting.
F11:– Full-screen mode to move.


Spacebar or page-down button (Space, Page Down): - Webpage to scroll down (to move down the page)
Shift+Space, Page up: – Web page scroll up (to go uphill on the page)
(Home):- To the top of the webpage.
 (End):- On the webpage to the bottom.
Middle click (on a web page with the middle mouse click): - Movement of the mouse to set the scrolling of the Web page.
Space bar or the page down button (Space, Page Down):- webpage to scroll down (to move down the page)
Shift+Space, Page Up: – Scroll up to webpage (go to Top of page)
Ctrl+L, Alt+D, F6: – In order to focus on the address bar can be typed on it.
Ctrl+Enter: – After you type any word on the address bar if the browser Ctrl + Enter is pressed me in front of that word www. And in the end will look .com.


Ctrl+K, Ctrl+EFocus the browser’s built-in search box or focus the address bar if the browser doesn’t have a dedicated search box. (Ctrl+K don’t work in IE, Ctrl+E does.)
Alt+Enter: – Type in the address bar the link to open in another tab.
Ctrl+F, F3:– To open the search box on the webpage.
Ctrl+G, F3:– The text item on the Web page to find the next match.
Ctrl+Shift+G, Shift+F3:– Previous match the text on the Web page to find items.

History & Bookmarks

Ctrl+H: – Browsing History to open.
Ctrl+J: – Download History Open.
Ctrl+D: – The website has been opened to her bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+Del: –
Delete browsing history to open the window.

Other Functions

Ctrl+P: – Open to take a printout of the webpage.
Ctrl+S: – Open the computer to save the webpage.
Ctrl+O: – Any files saved to your computer open.
Ctrl+U: – To open the source code of any webpage (this shortcut does not work on Internet Explorer.
F12:Open Developer Tools. (Requires Firebug extension for Firefox.)