Social Media Checklist For New Website & Businesses

According to Search Engine Journal, over 93% marketers use social media to promote their businesses, with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ being their top social networks of choice. Social media is a fairly new concept, and the idea of using it to market your business is even newer. Many people find that they are unsure of where to start, or how to keep things going one they have started. To help educate you, we have come up with a checklist of things you must be doing daily on your social media accounts. 

Just be sure to measure the impact of your efforts so you recognize what’s working and what’s not!

* For Facebook

1) Facebook profile & Business Page creation
2) Update our company page & Business Page status daily
3) Find and "like" 4 Pages
4) Comments on 2 or 3 Pages a day
5) 1 post daily related to your brand
6) Ask people to (i.e. comment, like, share, etc)
7) Add tag people so your post appear on trending topics
8) Respond To All Valuable Messages You Have Received
9) Send friend and like request 3 to 4 peoples daily

* For Twitter

1) 3 new Tweets a day (Can be business related, circulate our blog posts, fun/social, promotional, Try to amplify your followers' communities some posting with images)
2) Add #tags so your posts appear on trending topics
3) ReTweets 2 a day(funny or interesting)
4) Follow 6 new people a day

* For LinkedIn

1) Connect with 3-4 new people a week
2) Follow 3 new companies a week
3) Request 1-2 new recommendations a week
4) Repost all blog posts on newsfeed
5) Ask for feedback

* For Blog/Blogger Outreach

1) Write 1 blog post a day
2) Reach out to community bloggers & comments on high page rank 2-3 blog per day
3) Look for 1 new blog a day to bookmark & follow
4) Repost all blog content on applicable social platforms (FaceBook/Twitter/G+/LinkedIn
5) Inclued target keywords Titles & blog content

* For Google+

1) Google + profile & Business Page creation
2) Add 3 to 4 new people to your circles per day
3) Share new and relatable content to your business 2x a day
4) your posts are set to public to reach maximum users
5) Offer & host a Google + Hangout session for an industry related topic 1x week

* For YouTube

1) Go to and click on "Sign In" in the top-right corner.
2) You Tube profile & 2 or 3 subscribe new channels in our industry related topic
3) Find 2 or 3 new video & share on Facebook Twitter,Google+ each week
4) Plan a video that an area of our businesses
5) Have video capability at special events,interviews our company hosts or attends each month
(videos relevant to your company, but sprinkle in some fun)

* For Pinterest

1) Use to sign up as a business page. (If needed, this page also provides a link to convert a formerly “personal” account to a business one.)
2) In your profile settings, enter your website’s URL. Verify your ownership of the site by uploading an HTML snippet.
3) Creat a new Pin Board relevant to your bbusinessevery week & tweet about it.
4) Allocate 10- 15 minutes a day to add to your existing boards & add a 3 to 4 pins
5) Encourage followers to Pin to your boards
6) Always use keywords in your pin,titles & descriptions
7) Follow 3-5 new Pinners a week (user related to our field)

* For Instagram

1) Download Instagram from the App Store or from Google Play to a mobile device.
2) Sign up to create a new account.
3) Upload a 110×110 pixel logo as the profile image.
4) Include your site’s URL in the profile settings.
5) Post 1 or 2 photo per day
6) Use appropriate # tags in your descriptions
7) Follow 8 to 9 new people a day
8) Comment on 3 to 5 follower post a day
9) Like 10-15 your of follower's images per day
10) Tag the location of your photo when applicable

* For Foursquare 

1) Search for your business’s name on to see if a profile already exists. In the likely chance that it does, you can follow Foursquare’s prompts to claim the listing. If your business is not already in their system, opt to create a new location.
2) Enter a phone number for Foursquare’s validation system to contact. You will immediately receive a call at that number with an automated system asking you to state your name and the name of your business. A code will then appear on your computer screen, and you’ll be prompted to enter this code on your phone.
3) Following phone verification, a "final verification" is required, via either a one-time payment or a free postcard mailed to you at the listed business address.
4) Check in to your office daily
5) Encourage coworkers to join Foursquare and follow
6) Seek out you new Twitter followers through Foursquare
7) Create checkins for all your special events & promote in advance of the event.
8) Add 1-2 tips & reviews on local eestablishmentper week.

* Also use Optionally

1) Flickr
2) Quora
4) Tumblr
8) skyrock
9) Ranker
10) GenSpot 


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