Why Safe to Work Google Chrome

Google Chrome was launched in 2008. This browser is lightweight and user friendly. There are millions of people use it today. But even the few secret tips which many people do not know about.

Hanging against Chrome

Chrome's Task Manager itself is near. It can go in Chrome Tools menu. In the Task Manager, and then you can view all open tabs and background processes. To hang directly on the browser go to the Task Manager can close the tab. For this you must click on End Process.

Easy and Fast Calculation

Very few people are aware that you are using Chrome can calculation fast. For this, you will not need to go to the Google search. If you type 50 feet to inches to 600 inches, its answer will get you right. You must not press the Enter key. Temperature by use of the tip, the distance and weight can calculation.

Keep your Personal Information Safe

One advantage is that the use of chrome in you device history, passwords and bookmarks can be safe. For this you do not need a Google account to sync with everyone. Active settings, go to it, you will go on Advanced sync settings. Here's what you want to sync, choose the option.

You can save the browsing session

Many times we want to save browsing session so you can use it later. For this you go to settings to select Bookmarks from the Bookmark Open Pages. In doing so, it will save all your open tabs in the New folder. You can also give a name to this folder and can use it anytime.

The media player will work Chrome

Chrome also can be used to watch video. For this you will not have to install a separate media player applications. For this you just have to drag files to the Open tab. In doing so, the video will begin playing.

Double click on word definition will

Secret is a feature of Google Chrome dictionary. Once it is installed, it is always useful. This dictionary can be installed from the Google Chrome store. When reading anything into the chrome double clicking on any word to get its definition is a pop-up window. In addition, there is also a link on the go, you can get more information about that word.

Guest Browsing

If your friend asks you a laptop and you do not want your Facebook account that the URLs in the message and suggestions for Omani box to see if this problem is solved Guest mode. Active settings, go to it, you must enable guest browsing. After this active on the same device can operate two different user.

History at a click

History at a click of the tricks you can use. For this you have to press the back button for a while. Doing so will open the Recent History list. If you want to see the entire History will have to click on the Show full History. This trick will work on the Forward button.


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