How to Increase Internet Speed in PC or Laptop

Speed ​​is the biggest concern of Internet users. 5 minutes with the help of a few simple tricks can increase the speed of the Internet, regardless of whether the Internet can use Wi-Fi broadband. We are going to tell you that such a simple trick you can increase the speed of the Internet in your PC. This process is Easy ...

Step No. 1

Go to the Start menu by going to run and "Gpedit.msc" type. Then press OK.

Step No. 2

Your computer screen will then open the tab. Click the Computer configuration.

Step No. 3

Increase Internet Speed 

Click on Administrative templates now. Then click on Network.

Step No. 4

Then you will have many options in front of which you have to select Qos Packet Scheduler.

Step No. 5

Now click on the Limits receivable bandwidth. Open a new tab, which will then have 3 options of which you have to select Disabled.

Step No. 6

Then at the bottom of this tab has an option to Apply. By clicking on it, click OK.
Follow this step to increase the speed of your Internet. Learn why this trick to slide further increasing the speed of the Internet. Speed ​​according to different systems and network changes. Broadband speeds will be different in the speed and Wi-Fi.
Why rising Speed ​​-

Limits receivable bandwidth to disable your computer from the Windows-related tasks such Alou stops which is the bandwidth required. Turn off the automatic updates and increases the speed of the Internet.
If you enable this setting, then turn the gaming come many popups. These are not just Irritating but also slow turn speed of the net. So disable this setting to increase the speed of your Internet.


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