Do Not Lose Eyes in Blue Light

Mobile, TV and Laptops have become an integral part of our lives today.

And the dangers associated with the blue light getting through them are also increasing today, the addiction of the smartphone has increased so much that people are uncomfortable if they do not pass even for a while, the risk is increased in this proportion.

In a research conducted in presently , it was revealed that the students of the University of students have checked their phone 150 times in a day. No such notification should be exempted from this rate. It is a deviation from mind, the blue laptop coming out of its laptop Light day affects our eyes. Today it has emerged as a big concern for the health of eyes.

What is blue light?

Light spectrum includes ultraviolet infrared and visible radiation. The blue light is also a part of the direct rays and their energy wave energy is the highest wavelength, however, this blue light also gives us light from the sunlight which is available for health. It is good that makes us nimble, it improves memory and keeps the mind healthy.

But the blue light coming out of electronic devices is harmful to health. There is so many meritorious source of blue light around us which becomes a threat to the photosynthetic photo receptors of these eyes, these photo-receptors are the active part of the eyes and if they are damaged then Slowly takes blindness and leads.

Harmful like ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet i.e. ultraviolet radiation, as the reason for cataract is reached by reaching the front part of the eye, the blue light can damage the retina by reaching the back of the eyes.

There is more

Apart from the eyes it also affects the hormones, even our heart rate, the temperature of the sleeping body, and it also has its effect, due to excessive exposure to the blue light, the level of sugar in the blood also increases, due to which the pre-diabetes status Due to the production of Lepton Hormones
Besides diabetes, there is also increased risk of depression due to lack of sleep.

Do these measures

* Two hours before bedtime make a distance from mobile laptop. 

* Interrupted intervals take rest in the middle and wash the eyes with water during this time.

* For 20-20 minutes after 20-20-20 rule, concentrate on any object at a distance of 20 feet for 20           seconds.

* Use light or red light bulbs in the form of night clubs.

* Having more in natural light, sleep will also be better and mood will also be good.

* In the office, hold your chair near the window where you can get natural blue light.

* Work in the night shift or use electronic devices at night, then wear anti glare glass and use app like      App Lux for computer, which keeps the computer's screen light according to the light of the room.

* Participate in outdoor activities.

* Prevent the phone from the internet before sleeping and keep the phone away.

* Screen brightness for phones and laptops.


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